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High Blood Pressure Concerns

A new study indicates almost 60 per cent of Australians who have high blood pressure are not receiving medical treatment for the condition, and some may not even know they have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors for stroke, coronary heart disease and chronic kidney disease. The rate of uncontrolled blood pressure in Australia is 46% and is substantially higher than the global rate of 38 per cent.

Professor Markus Schlaich, said the study (part of the annual global May Measurement Month initiative) showed only 54 per cent of people who were treated for hypertension had controlled blood pressure, meaning the current treatments being prescribed to 46 per cent of patients were not working effectively.

The team at the Dobney Hypertension Centre are dedicated to finding ways to reduce elevated blood pressure and increasing community awareness about the importance of monitoring blood pressure.

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